Tips to Get You (and me) Back on Track

I think it's fairly common that we all fall off track with our health habits every once in awhile. I find that the most common time for me to eat unhealthy and skip on workouts is when I've seen some progress. I don't know why I do this as it defeats all of the hard work I had done, But for some reason I feel that I should reward myself by eating things my body will punish me for later. 

Right now I am trying to get back to a place where I feel comfortable with my body. It's not about reaching a specific number on the scale but rather feeling good in my own skin. This can mean different things to different people, size is not important, but rather being healthy and feeling good about yourself. 

During this process I started to feel really good about myself again. I had been meal prepping, avoiding certain foods that cause my stomach upset, exercising and doing yoga almost daily and feeling motivated. That's when I decided I could reward myself by having some cheats and skipping some workouts. But I ended up over doing it, binge eating, getting lazy, sleeping too much and feeling unhappy with myself once again.

I'm not going to sit here and feel sorry for myself though, that would only lead to more unhealthy behaviours. I'm going to take action instead. I've already started by recognizing that I have fallen off track and I wanted to share with you the steps I will be taking in order to get back on track and feel good again.
  1. Stop beating yourself up - Instead of putting yourself down, bring yourself back up by realizing no one is perfect and we all slip up at times. 
  2. Re-evaluate your goals - Are your goals S.M.A.R.T.?
  3. Make a plan - Write down how you will go about reaching your goals, make a fitness and meal prep plan.
  4. Get motivated - Get a workout buddy, watch some inspirational/workout videos, read inspiring books and quotes.
  5. Make a routine - Follow the same routine weekly and it will help you stay on track much more easily.
  6. Identify triggers - Are you feeling stressed? Bored? Eating out too much? Identify what is causing the stress, get busy with activities, stop buying junk or limit the amount you allow yourself.
  7. Fitness/Health app - Download a fitness and health app and log your exercises, meals, snacks and water. It will break down the calories in and out, macros and nutrients as well as goals. (I use Fitness Pal)
  8. Meditate - Find 10 minutes 3-5 times a week for yourself in a quiet space to meditate.
  9. Sleep - Make sure you are getting enough rest or that you aren't sleeping too much. 
  10. Balance - Remember to reward yourself, but don't overdo it.
Now that I've written this out, I am feeling motivated and ready to go. I will be following these steps and reminding myself of them everyday. Hope these will help you to get back on track as well! And remember, if you have any serious health concerns, see your doctor.


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