DoYouYoga May Yoga Challenge #SpringYogaBody

The May yoga challenge from started May 1st and goes until May 14th. The yoga poses are for all levels of yogis, from beginner to advanced. Today is Day 7 and I thought I would share the first half of the challenge. It's been fun and challenging at the same time. Some poses look easy, but prove to be a bit more difficult. 

Here are the poses for each day:
 Day 1: Mountain Pose

Day 2: Low Lunge 
Day 3: Splits

Day 4: Warrior II

Day 5: Plank

Day 6:  Upward-facing dog 

Day 7: Dolphin Pose

You can do these poses anywhere you'd like as long as you are comfortable and able to flow. Stay tuned for the next 7 days of the May yoga challenge #SpringYogaBody.  


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