Toronto's Graffiti Alley

It's been a stressful couple of weeks while looking for a new place. My landlord decided to cease the opportunity of selling our condo while the market is still thriving. I was very surprised when I got the email saying they decided this. I wasn't ready to move and it's probably the worst time to be looking for a condo to rent. That being said, if you know of a great unit in North York, please let me know ;)

So on Sunday, I decided to meet up with my sister and explore Kensington market along with Toronto's graffiti alley. It was a nice break from looking for a place and a good way to get some steps in as I ended up with 10,000 that day! My sister and I took some neat photos of the graffiti and me posing. Here are some of the shots:

Yoga everywhere #blondefit
Toronto is paradise

Under the sea 
Downward doggin' it on the floor of the sea

We had lots of fun taking pics and exploring the alley. There were a few fresh pieces and the artists were just leaving. It's neat to see them as they create these beautiful pieces of art. Thankful for my city and all of the exciting areas to explore. 


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