No gluten, dairy or sugar

After seeing a holistic nutritionist named Laura De Sanctis of Go With Your Gut, and deciding I was going to cut gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet for 3 weeks, I knew I needed to go grocery shopping ASAP! Three weeks is the perfect amount of time to see how your body is reacting to a change in your diet. It's also a great number of days to get yourself into forming a habit and hopefully going beyond the 3 week mark. As I said in my previous blog, these are most likely causing me bloating, inability to lose weight, indigestion, pain in my stomach and gas. 

So what did I buy in order to substitute for what I'm cutting out? 

Gluten-free products are very common these days with the rise of gluten sensitivity or intolerance. There is a gluten-free section at my local grocery store which helped me to pick products that meet my needs. I picked up some gluten-free pasta which I tried last night. It was just as good as regular pasta and not too heavy. I also tried gluten-free pizza on Friday night which was very light yet filling. I was pleasantly surprised and happy afterwards. No bloating! 
Bread was always my go-to for energy, which has been a bit tough letting go of, but I'm feeling so much better already without it and not lacking any energy. I haven't tried gluten-free bread as I want to try to cut bread out of my diet altogether. There are just so many other healthy options. 
I have to admit I don't eat a lot of dairy to begin with. Skim milk and yogurt I used to eat the most of and put in my shakes everyday. This was an adjustment and is a challenge for me. I bought almond milk though and was very shocked to learn that I love it, aside from in cappuccinos, that was disgusting. Not sure what I will substitute for yogurt yet, but I'll figure it out. Any suggestions would be great. I might try fake cheese on my pizza one night just to see what it's like, but I hate cheese so that's easy to avoid. 

Sugar. The enemy, right? Sugar seems to be in every product these days; whether it's glucose, fructose, sucrose or whatever name they want to go by, it's hard to avoid. Our bodies need sugar though in order to function properly. Since there are so many natural sources of sugar, finding sugar substitutes is the easiest. I used to use organic cane sugar, but I've switched to organic coconut sugar or honey to sweeten my morning tea and fuel my brain. I'm also trying not to buy products with high-sugar contents and sticking to fruit as my natural high. I am still maintaining a high-energy level throughout the day and I'm not crashing at 3 pm like I used to. 


How am I feeling? 
It's only been 3 days since I saw the holistic nutritionist and I'm already feeling so much better. My bloat has gone down significantly and I haven't been waking up in pain from indigestion. 

If you are having gut health issues like I was, it's a great idea to try cutting out these types of foods from your diet in order to see if there are benefits. We don't realize the stress that junk food puts on our bodies until we can no longer function due to the symptoms. What we put in our bodies is important and it's taken me health issues in order to make a change. Don't wait until you're in pain, be proactive and start eating better today. 

Note: I spoke to my doctor previously about my concerns and you should too if you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort. She could only help me so much, which led to me looking for a holistic nutritionist. Your issues could be more serious and I am not a doctor. I can only make suggestions based on my personal experience. 

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