Kombucha Tea: Tonica Review

I kept hearing about Kombucha tea and how amazing it is, so when I saw some while shopping, I decided to pick some up. 

Kombucha tea dates back to 221 b.c. and is revered for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, generations have passed down their precious kombucha cultures to their family for daily healing & restorative health benefits. Most notably, raw kombucha has been praised for its ability to aid digestion, cleanse the liver and rejuvenate skin and hair cells. 

Review: When I opened the bottle, it fizzed everywhere! I hadn't been shaking it at all either, so I found that surprising. I decided to add blueberries for some added fruit and in doing so, it fizzed everywhere once again. When I was finally able to taste it after cleaning up, it was very refreshing and not too sweet. I had it before bed to help with my digestive issues and woke up this morning not bloated or in pain like normal. I'll have to continue drinking this to see if there are long-term benefits, but i did enjoy my first ever kombucha by @tonicakombucha which is made in Toronto. 


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