Creating Healthy Habits

If you truly want to reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, following a few healthy habits everyday will help make things easier for you. This will help you to stay motivated and follow a routine to optimize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few healthy habits I have developed over the last few weeks while trying to reach my goals and get on track with my health. 

1. Download a Food/Fitness App - I downloaded My Fitness Pal and I use it about 15 times a day. I use it to record all of my food, water, exercise, weight and goals. It tracks calorie intake, calories burned, nutrients, macros, goals, etc. If you don't enter food for one of your meals, it will remind you to enter it. It's been very helpful in tracking my health and using it has increased my awareness of what I am putting into my body. 

2. See a Holistic Nutritionist - Meeting with Laura De Sanctis of Go With Your Gut has changed my life. She informed me of things I was consuming that were not good for my health and most likely causing my indigestion and bloating issues. She checks in regularly to see how I am doing and helps keep me stay on track. I am able to ask any questions I might have as well. She reviews my food log and gives input on how I can improve things. Without her, I wouldn't have known where to start on my journey.

3. Meditate - I have been meditating for about 3 months now and I have seen many benefits. It only takes 10 minutes a day and you can do it in silence, with light music or to a guided meditation recording. You can also join a meditation group in your community. There are many free meditation groups in Toronto as I have found and many are free of charge or request a small donation. Mediation has helped me to recognize my thoughts and thought patterns, focus on positive energy, sleep better, think more clearly and be more mindful.
Top Ten Meditation Centres in Toronto: 
Mediation Meetups in Toronto:

4. Vision Board - I am in the process of creating a vision board for myself. This vision board will include pictures of healthy foods, recipes, goals and motivational images. This will help me to visualize my goals and see them everyday. When you write something down, you are more likely to remember to do it. I plan on updating my vision board monthly or as often as I have new goals. 

5. Support - Having a good support system is vital to staying motivated and on track. If your friends truly are your friends, they will help you be the best you can be and in turn, you can motivate each other. Whether it's a friend, family member, significant other or online coach, it is imperative to keep each other informed daily or weekly of your progress or you can easily get off track. Workout together, meal prep together, do whatever you can to make things easier and more fun. Let your friends know you are trying to reach your goals so that they can support you on your journey.

6.  Routine - Making certain activities a part of your daily routine will help make it easier to get things done and reach your goals faster. Some daily routines I follow are: Lemon chia water in the morning, yoga in the afternoon, weight training in the evening, mediation before bedtime.These are activities that help me reach my goals and by following this routine, I am able to make the most of my day while contributing to a healthy lifestyle. You can also create a daily checklist and check things off as you accomplish them.

We all have different goals, but the process to achieve and exceed those goals is usually the same. These healthy habits will help you to reach whatever goal you have in mind. 


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