30 Days of #Doyouyoga Challenge: Day 10

I'm on the 10th day of the #Doyouyoga challenge! It's been fun and challenging at times. My whole body is feeling all of the stretching and it feels great.
This is a challenge for all levels of yoga. There are many variations and modifications you can make to the poses to better suit your body.Here are the first 10 poses of the challenge:
Warrior II 
Seated Forward Fold
Boat Pose 
Downward Dog
Half Lift
Full and Half Cobra 
Wide-legged Seated Forward Fold
Apologies for the lack of quality in some photos. They are from instagram. Follow me to see tomorrow's pose of the day, @Blondefit on Instagram.


  1. Awesome . You make it look so easy and peaceful. Great job

    1. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog :) Namaste


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